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Read about bedroom fantasies getting real.

Bisexual and a threesome

“My ultimate fantasy was to have a threesome with another girl, but I was too scared to bring this fantasy up. People always think it's the ultimate fantasy for a man to have a threesome, but I never told my boyfriend that I'm bisexual.”

Can't wait till he is home from work!

We found out a lot of new things and positions. I can't wait till he is home from work

My secret sex fantasy came to life!

Because of Novisioo me and my girlfriend have found a whole new level of desire for each other. Larissa and I have been together for four years now. Our sex life was always okay, but never more than that.

Steamy busride

When we were half way there, we stopped to give each other a kiss and I tell you: that kiss made me almost explode from desire. I smiled and it felt like I started to falling in love with Marc all over again.