Sex suggestions and ideas for couples

According to research couples, after some years, tend to get in a sort-off auto-pilot mode with their sex life. They do it in the same position, days and locations. Since this is usually in sheer contrast to the early days of their relation, this can sometimes get frustrating.

Communication is key! But when it comes to sex, even after many years together, this not always that easy.

Novisioo provides a fun way to tell what you fantasise about and would love to try with your partner. And only after your partner likes the same suggestion, you both get send this suggestion.

Not only is this safe. I will add some sparkle to your sex life too, since it will be total surprise which suggestion will come next. Did we already said it is fun?!

Having an enjoyable sex life is important not only for your relationship, but has great positive influence on your health too.

Discover what you both want in the bedroom

Let the fun begin. It is free!

Hundreds of couples already had more fun between the sheets (and at other places… 😊)