What is Novisioo again?

Novisioo is a service/tool or web application that tries to bring back some joy back into the sexual lives of people. It does this in a real innovative way. By giving suggestions in various categories both she and he can pass or like without the other knowing, it takes away the anxiety some get when talking about what and how they want it.

So it's just for people having communication issues?

Certainly not. Also if you're totally okay talking about how often you want to do it, where and how (and whom?), Novisioo still can bring extra spiciness to your sex life.

Got it. But how does it work step by step?

From the homepage you click "get started". From there you select your sex, the categories you want suggestions from. Next step is to pass or like each suggestion you get. Be really honest here! When done you are asked to create an account, so you can invite your partner to go over the same suggestions. Your partner will get a link to signup. Now your partner can go over the same suggestions you just did. When done you both get the first sexy suggestion you both are excited about.

So my partner would never know what I choose?

No, unless you tell your partner.

And what categories are there?

We have suggestion for: positions, locations, on foreplay and after play, things to do by her to him and vice versa, and a kinky category.

What kind of suggestion do you give?

A suggestion could be as simple as "I want sex in our car", to "I want to make a sex tape", to "I want your best friend to join us".

Why is my favorite position/location/secret fantasy not in Novisioo?

Are you sure? Per session you get around 15 suggestions randomly from over eight categories. You might just go and give it another shot. Otherwise you can let us know about it here.

Is Novisioo only for heterosexuals?

Yes, at the moment it is. But we sure are looking into expanding! The more love, the better, right!