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Sex suggestions and ideas for couples

“This weekend she will come to our house”

Alyssa, read their whole story

“Can't wait till he is home from work!”

Kat, read their whole story

“I felt some butterflies again while laying next to her afterwards”

Stan, read their whole story

What do you both fantasize about?

You enjoy the sex with your partner. But not always, you like to try something new. You have fantasies, new positions you like to try or maybe bring your good-looking friend… How to bring this up?

Get the naughty talk starting

Talking about what you both fantasize about isn't the easiest. We understand. Novisioo is designed to only give you suggestions that matches both your sexy thoughts. No more awkward situations.

Simply like or pass suggestions

Simply like or pass our suggestions. Suggestions range from positions, locations and other things you could do with your partner. When done, you can invite your partner to go through the same suggestions.

Get suggestions that matches you both

After your partner went through all suggestions too, you both get an email with the first matching suggestion. A week later you get another suggestion you both get turned on by. And so on—until you both are out of breath…

Let the fun begin. It is free!

Hundreds of couples already had more fun between the sheets (and at other places… 😊)